I regularly work across multiple analog and digital media formats and platforms. Below is a small collection of audio and video productions created with a blend of Logic, Keynote, and Final Cut Pro.  Additional audio and music work is available at


Assorted Sounds, Music Recordings, and Audio Experiments

Dreaming in Afghanistan

In 2012 while teaching at the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul, I compiled an audio collection of stories from students about their lives.  I also asked students to recount a dream, not a hope, but a nocturnal dream that is vividly remembered. In the sample below, a girl tells me about her dream of an elephant walking down the street with additional audio production.


Brave New Wine

Brave New Wine is a fictional story about a dystopic future in which wine sommeliers are replaced by algorithms. All audio production was conducted in Logic.


Concept: "Create Your Card"

The Create Your Card concept was completed in 24 hours. It was inspired after attending a professional conference, PoPTech: City Resilient in which all attendees espoused high-tech urban infrastructures yet continually exchanged paper cards.

It was clear that while all professionals at the conference relied on smart phones to communicate, there was a clear gap between the sharing of contact information and communication technology.


Concept : Geolocated AR Adventure Game

For one year I was based in Detroit while regularly traveling to Mogadishu, Somalia. It was impossible to ignore the complex similarities and differences of these two struggling cities. Working heavily at the time with geospatial data, video, and mapping, I sought to play upon - and exaggerate the extreme challenges of working Mogadishu by injecting fantastic and outlandish elements into Detroit.