Mitchell has 15 years of on-the-ground experience researching and designing new approaches to the world's most challenging environments. He is a specialist in organizational innovation, social science research, and the fusion of interdisciplinary design methods with bleeding-edge technologies. 

Mitchell’s work has improved living conditions in refugee camps, reduced poverty in urban slums, and transformed conflict cities. From 2006-2013, he built the technical consultancy Sutika Sipus to provide international agencies throughout Africa, Middle East, and Afghanistan with new capabilities for urban research and computational analysis to guide strategic interventions. From 2011-13 he advised the government of Somalia on conflict stabilization and urban reconstruction and pioneered the design of local informatics for the improved security and economic development of Mogadishu. While pursuing doctoral research at Carnegie Mellon University in 2015, he cofounded the company Symkala, which applies breakthrough robotics technologies to unstructured dark data, driving a new direction in geospatial information systems (GIS).

Mitchell has additionally been consulted by the American Planning Association, the Urban Land Institute, and NASA on the integration of UAVs and autonomous cars in cities. He has spoken widely on his work at venues including MIT MediaLab, Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis, Columbia Earth Institute, and Oxford University. His work has been featured in a variety of outlets including WIRED, Popular Science, and Gizmodo.


Complex Socio-Technical and Geo-Political Problems 
Previous works have included refugee camp upgrading, urban crime reduction, post-war reconstruction,  technology strategy, information management systems, and the overhaul of large government services. Mitchell provides technology and strategy consulting services to Governments, Multilateral Organizations, INGOs, NGOs, & Corporations.


US White House Presidential Innovation Fellows, Innovation Fellow

Symkala Inc., Co-Founder

Selected PREVIOUS 

Carnegie Mellon University (Doctoral studies, Research, and Teaching in Design and Human Computer Interaction)

Sutika Sipus  (Selected Clients include USAID, City of Kabul, City of Mogadishu, US Institute of Peace, Save the Children, CARE)

Fulbright Research Grant. Center for Migration and Refugee Studies, American University of Cairo, Egypt 2008-2009