Design Strategy & Innovation for Global impact

The work that Mitchell Sipus does defies conventions and challenges the existing notions of what designers can do in the 21st century. Even when we look at the forecasts of what the most important design jobs of the future could look like, we can see that Sipus already sits on the far end of some of these projections.
— - Gjoko Muratovski, Journal of Design, Business, & Society 2017
Mitch finds liminal, in-between spaces that many people have not seen or considered. Then, by finding possible intersections between needs and solutions, and forming new connections, he creates new opportunities
— David Gray, Liminal Thinking 2016
“Diane Davis, Stephen Graham, Jo Beall, Mitchell Sipus, Saskia Sassen, and Mike Davis, among many others, have added immensely to our understanding of development and conflict in connected cities
— - David Kilcullen, Out of the Mountains 2013

Mitchell is a design, strategy, and innovation executive for organizations of global impact.  
Over the last 15+ years, he has transformed lives across 6 continents. Today Mitchell leads the field of Design in the use of artificial intelligence and robotics to scale strategy, leadership, and transformation.


The US Department of State

The White House

Selected History 
Carnegie Mellon University, City of Mogadishu, City of Kabul